Kaleidoscope Prepare for BRISTOL PRIDE!

Preparations are officially underway for the group’s debut pride event on the 8th July in Bristol, and let me tell you…the Kaleidoscope banner is looking FABULOUS. Using paint, glitter pens and lavender satin, we created a beautiful sign to help people recognise the group amongst the crowds in Bristol next weekend. The parade is due … Continue reading Kaleidoscope Prepare for BRISTOL PRIDE!


Hate Crime Awareness Training with the Diversity Trust

On the 5 July Kaleidoscope will be collaborating with The Diversity Trust. They will be arriving at the university to deliver an interactive Hate Crime Awareness Training Workshop. The Diversity Trust are a non-profit organisation based in Bristol. They are at the forefront of social change, providing free training to organisations in every sector. This particular … Continue reading Hate Crime Awareness Training with the Diversity Trust