Our first social event

On April 6th we held our launch social at the Hall and Woodhouse in central Bath. The aim was for a casual get together to meet new faces, introduce ourselves and break the ice. The feedback suggests that this was a success!

We had about 25 attendees overall, with a diverse range of ages and representation from across various departments within the University. So many attendees shared that they were glad to see this group exist and felt grateful that the space was being provided. We also received some really positive emails after the event “had a great evening – thank you so much for organising! Looking forward to the next one…”  and “I just wanted to thank you all for organising this group and today’s event. I really look forward to the next one!” – an excellent start we’d say!

As a committee we were delighted to see that everyone who attended got the chance to chat to each other and we were really happy to see the group getting along so well without any intervention from us!

Alongside a friendly get together we also wanted to generate some ideas for a name for the group and also gather some suggestions for future events. We are pleased to say a name has been decided on and we have lots of different ideas that will become plans for events.

We are all really pleased with the turn out and the enthusiasm for this new group, and super excited for what the future may bring for us all.

If you weren’t able to attend and would like to make suggestions for future events please do so via our contact us page. If you were feeling reluctant to attend please be assured that after this event we are confident that we have a really inclusive and kind group of people and we’d really encourage you to come along and see for yourselves.

Our next social will be April 25th – view the details!

Until next time,

Committee at Hall & Woodhouse

Your committee


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